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Andres Markmann’s New Single: Zonambulous Trance

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Andres Osvaldo Markmann is a Chilean producer and songwriter whose music is an amalgamation of rhythmic pop, rock, trance, and progressive house EDM. With an immense passion for music, Markmann is determined to deliver music that touches the heart of his audience. His journey began at the age of five where he was enrolled in The Yamaha Academy for the organ, and now at thirty-five, he has released his first album, ‘Electro Poetry’.

Markmann’s new single, ‘Zonambulous trance’, is a spiritual journey crafted to create positive feelings. From the rich and pleasurable notes to the chirpy tempo, the song is sure to make anyone’s foot tap along. His creative process begins by sitting in front of the piano every morning, and he then adds sounds to his audio workstation. After this, he mixes and masters the composition.

Markmann emphasizes that inspiration does not come spontaneously, and the key to success is having some time off for a refreshed mind to analyze his music from a different perspective. He wants to bring music filled with positive emotions and unique blends of sounds to the table, something that he hopes will become more commonplace in the future.

On his new single, Markmann has put in a lot of effort and dedication, and the result is an upbeat, soulful song that will make you want to get up and dance. He has put his heart and soul into this composition, and it is sure to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. It is no surprise that Markmann has been able to turn his hobby into a career, and this song is proof of that. So, don’t wait any longer, go ahead and give ‘Zonambulous trance’ a listen today.

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