GoGaShow Reminisces On The Past, Mentioning His Earlier Single Release, ‘EstaRosa é Você’

GoGaShow Reminisces On The Past, Mentioning His Earlier Single Release, ‘EstaRosa é Você’

Salvadorian singer, composer and poet, Luiz Carlos Goga has drawn memories from his past single release, ‘EstaRosa é Você’.

Coming from a compliment made to girls, ‘EstaRosa é Você’ was officially released a couple of years ago on August 15th, 2018.

You can enjoy EstaRosa é Você here:

With his origins from a humble family, Luiz entered the music scene at the age of 9. At 13, he was already performing at the mica straights of Ouriçangas in Brazil.

Luiz has been in the music scene for 19 years; performing on road shows, in bars, clubs, street parties and in the most diverse events held in the interior of Brasil while incorporating different rhythms such as Axé, Pagode, Samba de Roda, Xaxado, Seresta, Arrasta-pé, Rocha, and others staying at the contracting party’s Rio.

In his music career, Luiz has had an opportunities to perform with popular Brazilian bands such as Leva, Sacode A Ir, Samba Alegre, Ritmo de Pagode, Ideal Do Samba, Coisa De Ser, Band Sound Free, Of Teresina(PI), Luana Reis E Forro Menina Assanhada, Lobão And Band, Banda Banana Marçã, Sutak Da Bahia, Kely Oliveira, and Flavio Santos A Coqueluche Do Forro.

Luiz’s participation in television programs has raised his fame as well. He’s see in tv programs such as Tony Blak, Gilvan Barbosa In Terisina (Pi) On Tv Itapuã, On Channel 5 and behind the scenes of Programa Bom D+.

Looking back, it’s been a long time since we last heard of Luiz’s new music. This might just be a sign that Luiz is cooking something. Let’s wait for it!

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