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Abbs Reveals Her Mental Heath Struggle In Latest Single, ‘Twisted Game’

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California-based singer/songwriter, Abbs released her latest track, Twisted Game last month on May 6th, 2022.

Displaying a sad yet gentle acoustic in her track, Abbs explains the reason behind her song, “Twisted Game is about my struggle with mental health. You’re constantly fighting the demons in your head, wondering if you’re good enough, wondering if you’ll ever make it out of the dark road you’re lost on,” she wrote.

“I think many people struggle with these thoughts, so I hope people who listen to this can relate but also know that they’re not alone in their struggles. Someone out there loves them, and if they don’t have anyone, they have me now.”

You can enjoy Twisted Game here:

Explaining her hopes and dreams, Abbs says she’s always wanted to move to California to pursue her music career. In a way, music has always been part of her.

“I’ve been singing my entire life, and I’ve wanted to move to California to pursue music since I was young. I like to call my music sad girl pop, because I love writing music that hits an emotional chord and can resonate universally,” she wrote.

“Music is special to me. The power of instruments and meaningful lyrics together can do so much for the human experience, and if I can make just one person feel heard and seen, then my job has been done.”

Abbs is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

You just can’t resist Abbs’ delicate vocals accompanied by her acoustic guitar. Her music is relatably sombre but gentle, which makes you want to listen all through.

You can follow abbs on their journey through their Socials.