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Vulnrebel’s EP, ‘In Too Deep’ Already Out

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22-year old songwriter/singer, Vulnrebel officially dropped his new EP In Too Deep about two weeks ago on May 14th, 2022.

In the EP, Vuln incorporates heavy lyricism to address struggles with mental health issues, addictions and relationship issues on top of a versatile range of sounds intertwining punk, pop rock and hip-hop.

Pointing out one of the tracks in the In Too Deep EP titled In The Dust, Vuln explains the drive behind the song.

“It’s the song In the Dust off the EP. It’s about a really toxic relationship obviously lol ‘draining my energy, it’s like you’re a demonic entity’ but damn toxic relationships make for great songs.” Vulnrebel wrote.”

You can enjoy In The Dust here:

Born and raised in the one-stoplight town of Joanna, South Carolina, Vulnrebel has been writing songs since he was singing the alphabet.

It wasn’t until he was 17 that he began taking music seriously. This came about after his frequent hospital visits due to struggles with addiction and coming out as gay to his friends and family. Music was a way for him to heal and cope with rejections from his old friends.

Meeting Psylence, a singer/songwriter, producer and audio engineer helped shape Vulnrebel’s music career for the better.

Like I always say, it’s what we experience that shapes who we really are. Listening to ‘In Too Deep’ was an impressive experience. What do you think about the EP?

You can follow Vulnrebel on their journey through their Socials.