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Midnight In Havana Makes Entrance With New Single, ‘Spectator’

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Midnight In Havana

The 5 member band from the proper north (Newcastle upon Tyne), Midnight In Havana has made their entrance into the music scene!

Releasing a new single, ‘Spectator’, earlier last month on April 4th, 2022, the Geordie natives take the more serious topics in life and touch on them with a jovial twist, echoing the mindset of the lost yet optimistic youth of today.

You can enjoy Spectator here:

The band have a massively multi-faceted music taste distributed within, ranging from the familiar echoes of bands such as Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Dire Straits all the way along to the more obscure sounds of artists like Malachy, Stig of the Dump or Jim Legxacy.

Midnight In Havana kicked off their live career in Hull at the start of May 2022, followed immediately by a plethora of offers for future gigs.

“This has been a massive thing for all of us, essentially a lovechild of covid, major losses within family and illness,” the band explained.

“This song was simply something to get the negative thoughts out of our hair and allow our creative selves to come through. We had our first gig in Hull on Monday and have had another date offered next week as well as a 5 stop tour later in the year.”

Seemingly, the band is quite excited about having drawn positive feedback since ‘Spectator’ single release.

“We have had a great reception in our first month getting over 5500 listens and over 2000 listeners on Spotify in our first month, not including any other platforms.” the group concluded.

It takes lots of effort and passion to make something you love possible! From how things are, Midnight In Havana is determined to make an even bigger splash in the coming days. Just you know, we’ve yet to see the group’s full potential.

You can follow Midnight In Havana on their journey through their Socials.