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Pink Criticises Music Magazine Over Greatest Grammy Performances list

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Pink has slammed Rolling Stone magazine over its recent list of greatest Grammys performances.

In the run-up to the Grammy Awards on Sunday, editors at the magazine published a ranking of the 25 “greatest Grammys performances ever” with performers including Foo Fighters, Prince, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Bob Dylan, Cardi B, and more.

Writing in the comments of the publication’s Instagram post, the Get the Party Started hitmaker wrote, “Bahahahaha you guys have been irrelevant since 1990.”

The singer, who did not appear on the list, continued by criticising the magazine for selling out and writing about reality TV stars such as Jersey Shore’s Snooki.

“This is the magazine that used to feature people like John Lennon and Muddy Waters. Hunter S Thompson wrote political pieces. They put Tina Turner on their cover,” she wrote. “Then they sold out and all credibility went to st when ‘style over substance’ and ‘revenue over authenticity’ went into play. That’s when Snooki became acceptable coverage. Give me a fking break.”

Pink urged editors to do “your homework” and insisted her message wasn’t simply about the performances list.

“You don’t have to like me or my music or anything about me- and believe me I could (not) give a st- but this is the biggest sellout in fking history when it comes to a publication we all once trusted,” she continued. “F**k rolling stone. And I’ve felt that way for decades – as so many of my favorite artists and my peers have. This isn’t just about their horrendous opinion of ‘rating Grammy performances’. It’s decades of wasting Trees and people’s time.”

She has performed at the Grammys in 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2021. Pink, real name Alecia Moore, shared a throwback snap of one of her performances on Instagram over the weekend, and in the comments, Juliette Lewis wrote, “Omg NOONE and I mean NOONE did better Grammy performances than YOU.”

Article originally published on Music News.