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LDRDO To Release A New Single, ‘Sandoval’

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LDRDO has announced that they’ll be officially releasing their new single, ‘Sandoval‘ later this week on Friday, April 22nd, 2022.

Produced and written by David Levi, LDRDO is a music project hailing from the vibrant music scene of Tel-Aviv, fusing funky grooves and soul music alongside middle eastern guitar riffs and flavours inspired by David’s childhood upbringing.

You can enjoy LDRDO’s released debut EP, ‘Lost In the Fire‘ here:

‘Lost In The Fire’ is LDRDO’s debut EP. Released in mid-2021, it almost immediately drew attention from media and fans altogether.

After a follow-up single This Is How I Feel, LDRDO collaborated with his longtime mentor and music pioneer, Izhar Ashdot on surfing-on-the-moon.

Nothing much has been mentioned about the new track, ‘Sandoval‘ but, we sure can hope for some great surprise!

You can follow LDRDO on their journey through their Socials.