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Jerri Depicts Deep Emotions In First Project ‘Until You Get Back’ EP

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Jerri officially released his first professional project, Until You Get Back EP last week on April 2nd, 2022.

Exploring love and heartbreak, the EP depicts Jerri’s personal experience and struggles with relationships.

“A lot of my music in this EP speaks to relationship struggles, love, and heartbreak. I’ve been through all of it, and creating the lyrics for my songs came pretty naturally to me because of my experience.” Jerri explained.

You can enjoy Until You Get Back here:

Born outside of Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in Munster, Northwest Indiana, Jeremiah Eaton, also known by his stage name, Jerri is a music artist currently a senior student at Wabash College in Indiana.

Jerri explains his journey including influences and inspirations that attracted him to the music scene.

“I was adopted at birth. I grew up with a lot of music in my life,” Jerri started.

“My mom was a dancer for much of her life and I like to think that her love for good music was instilled in me. The craziest thing about my music career is that I never realized until recently how much music played part in who I grew up to be.”

Drive behind Until ‘Until You Get Back‘ EP

Jerri explains the reasons behind his dedication to the EP project and as to what it entails.

“A lot of my songs mention things like toxic relationship traits and issues that are common for our generation of love, and the EP gives listeners something they can relate to.

To me, these songs are a way for people to connect through similar experiences and to know that these struggles aren’t uncommon. More so, my music gives me (and others) something they can go to whenever they need it.”

Tracks in Until You Get Back switch between a variety of genres. While songs like “Maniac” and ‘Wastemytime‘ bend towards the hip hop/rap genre, a few other tracks on the EP are more tilted to the indie rock/alternative genre.

“I’ve been a huge fan of artists like Dominic Fike, Rex Orange County, Tobi Lou, and Dayglow, and these were some of my major influences for the EP. I love working with different sounds and expanding what my voice can do, and this project is an experiment in a way since I’m trying new things.”

“I want my music to be something that listeners can fall back on when they need a pick me up or a fun song to jam to,” Jerri concluded.

I find myself quite fascinated with Until You Get Back EP. The depiction of deep emotions is brought out flawlessly, especially in the EP’s first track, Maniac.

You can follow Jerri on his journey through his Socials.