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Debris Hold Heads-High In Latest EP, ‘Mona Lisa’

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The band’s hope is that others can find strength or commonality in our songs too


Milton Keynes teenage alt-rock band, Debris officially released their ‘Monalisa’ EP last week on Friday, April 15th, 2022.

The EP combines elements of grunge and metal to express an energetic feel, with some slower, more melodic songs to help convey a deeper emotion.

Debris’ songs are not about anger, or hate, but aim to express their emotions and feelings of not wanting to be overlooked or downtrodden.

The band’s intention is to take back some power/ownership of situations or relationships.

You can enjoy ‘Mona Lisa’ here:

Debris is a teenage four-piece band from the UK, playing their mix of grunge and metal-influenced alternative rock, whilst they find their place in the world.

Formed in the later part of 2021, through a coming together of mutual friends of the band’s heart (and multi-instrumentalist), Casey, their differing and dynamic personalities help characterise the band, their songs, and performances.

Debris, defined as scattered pieces of rubbish/remains sums up the band’s teenage view of the world.

“The band’s hope is that others can find strength or commonality in our songs too” Casey explains.

“We’re all human after all.”

One of Debris’ favourite songs, Priceless, hits home with: ‘I know the real you, don’t bother to lie. Now when I see you, I just walk on by’ followed up with the nonchalant chorus of ‘Hope you’re well, or at least somewhat. Only kidding now please f**k off!’

Having found their feet playing together, sharing their musical inspirations and thoughts, soon progressed into jamming songs, part written riffs, beats and lyrics.

Lead singer and song-writer, Sienna’s occasionally despondent, sometimes biting lyrics find the light with hope of love lost / love found, and self-empowerment, as vocalised Casey’s lockdown track ‘Portrait’.


Casey is the band’s beating heart. Their passion for music was discovered at a young age, having always loved listening to music.

At age 9, Casey picked up her first pair of drumsticks and at age 11, her first guitar. She has expanded her knowledge of instruments, and musicality and would play given any opportunity!


Tommy, who can be best described as being so laid back he’s horizontal, started his musical journey relatively late, having only first picked up a bass in his mid-teens, which soon progressed into a deep love of trying to understand his favourite band’s tracks and breaking them down to learn how best to play, or adapt them.

Tommy met Casey through mutual friends in early 2021. Then, the missing pieces of Debris, Damon and Sienna, joined having all met at college.


Damon, often with little filter (like Casey), also picked up drumsticks early on, with the hope of emulating some of his idols, which is why he currently studies music at MK college with the rest of the band.


Quite in person, but loud on stage, Sienna adds vibrance to Debris’ performances, which the band occasionally like to mix up too.

Casey is as adept on drums as she is on guitar, Tommy brings more than those low-end bass tones and can rotate to lead guitar, and Damon can smash more than drums with his grunge ridden riffs, as heard in ‘Priceless’.

So much passion! So much ambition! This is what I feel when I listen to Debris’ music. Did you happen to find your favourite out of the Mona Lisa EP songs?

You can follow Debris on their journey through their Socials.