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Stella J. Lavender’s Single ‘Calling My Name’ Spots The Elusive

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Stella J. Lavender

Stella J. Lavender’single, ‘Calling My Name ‘ was officially released last week on 18th March, 2022.

Written a couple of years back, the track depicts Lavender’s desire to reach something elusive in a rather complicated situation.

‘Calling My Name’ has a subtle blend of beats and melodies accompanied with Lavender’s unique and delicate vocals, bringing out the emotion of an endless desperate chase.

You can enjoy Calling My Name here:

“This song just flew out of my head and I wrote itself on a piece of paper. That’s how it felt!” Lavender said.

It was written a couple of years ago about a different kind of difficult situation I was going through with a relationship, but I related to it the most about other reasons though quarantine these past two years!

It speaks about something you’re trying to reach and as you do it pulls away from you and there is a sort of hide and seek going on that you can’t escape from and so you want to feel free again and fly away! That’s kind of how I felt through quarantine.

This was a way to get everything out on my chest and it felt always really enchanting to me!” she explained.

Lavender started out her music career by playing covers with her first girl band, ‘Traffic Jam‘.

“We were so young, but through that and the music school, I met some pretty amazing people that helped me a lot!”

Playing in different bands with varied genre made it possible for Lavender to drive her skill to the next level.

Lavender released her first EP ‘Hiding In The Trees‘ in 2018 (2019 on Spotify). This was followed by her two year preparation over the Covid-19 escalation for the release of ‘Calling My Name’.

Lavender has hinted that Calling My Name‘s music video is around the corner and that it’s something she can’t wait to show the world. More music expected to follow.

“There is also going to be a music video for this song in a sort while so I’m pretty excited to show that to the world as well! And also looking forward to writing some more music!” she concluded.

Relating to Lavender’s ‘Calling My Name’, there’s that one thing that will always escape your grip no matter how hard you try. I believe it all goes down to accepting reality and making the next step.

You can follow Stella J. Lavender on her journey through her Socials.