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Sam Smith Is Recording A New Album

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Sam Smith is recording a new album

Sam Smith is recording a new album.

The 29-year-old pop star has not released a record since ‘Love Goes’ at the end of 2020, but has reportedly been back in the studio and is “enjoying” creating what is said to be a “surprise” for fans.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Sam is back in the studio and is really enjoying the creative process again. Being in lockdown provided the time and space to try out new sounds and it will probably surprise fans.”

The source went on to claim that the ‘Stay With Me’ hitmaker has been in Los Angeles recording and is planning to release the album later this year.

The insider added: “Sam has been in Los Angeles for weeks recording new songs so the project isn’t finished yet but the plan is for the album to come out this year.”

The source also added that while the singer-songwriter – famed for creating emotional lyrics – is sticking with the traditional style in some ways and will include some “classic ballads”, the album is thought to take a new direction in a musical sense.

Musically, some of it is a new direction but lyrically Sam is still drawing on personal experiences. And of course, a coupe of classic ballads will be on there!”

The star is known for taking inspiration from personal circumstances to aid songwriting and has had a series of short romances including with furniture designer boyfriend Francois Rocci and now-close friend Jonathan Zeizel after they dated in 2014 but now prefers to keep schtum about private matters.

Speaking in 2015, Sam said: “I made a mistake by posting pictures of us on Instagram and making it seem more serious than it was. I’ve learned that I need to hold off before I start getting the public involved.”

Article originally featured on Music News.