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Melanie Joy’s Album ‘Reborn’ Lights On Heartbreak And Happiness

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Melanie Joy

Melanie Joy’s album, ‘Reborn’ was officially released last year on October 22nd, 2021.

Outlined in sytematic manner, the album begins with a heartbreak and acceptance, but turns into growth, power, and pure happiness as it conludes.

Melanie shares past experiences with her listeners so that they may find happiness by learning from what she’s gone through.

You can enjoy Reborn here:

Melanie is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

She explains her journey in music and how it has influenced her life.

“I’ve been playing piano for about 12 years, guitar for 7, and singing since I could talk. Throughout middle school and high school, I was apart of orchestra, band and choir (playing various different instruments), took voice lessons every week, and was apart of the musicals with our amazing theatre department,” She wrote.

Melanie goes on mentioning the key persons with whom she shares her love for music and the reason as to why she embrasses her voice and talent in singing.

“I’ve had music in my life since the day I was born. My dad has been in a local cover band for over 30 years now – he’s a self-taught guitarist and singer!” She wrote.

“My mom has been playing piano since middle school, and was also apart of many choirs and musicals throughout her life. My two younger sisters also have beautiful voices, have played piano, done theatre, been in choirs and a cappella groups, etc.

Music is what brings life to our family and what gives us all passion, love, and drive in this world. It’s so beautiful that something so simple can bring so many people close together – it’s a universal thing that everyone relates to!

I want my music to help listeners cope with what they’re going through – I want to make others feel less alone by writing about my own feelings and experiences. I will keep music in my life forever, whether it’s in my career, as a side-hustle, or just a hobby. Music is everything to me and means the world!”

In a way, Melanie hints the reason behind her album though there isn’t much that’s directly mentioned. Melanie had to go through a lot before she could notice who she really was and how much she’s worth.

“About a year ago, I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship and was finally realizing my own worth. A friend from high school randomly called me, inviting me to his home studio (he remembered that I loved to sing and write songs). He’s a self-taught mixing and mastering engineer, and has taught me all I know about sound production, recording, producing, etc,” Melanie explained.

“Once I got started in the studio, I couldn’t stop – I wrote and recorded all 8 songs on my album in under 4 months! This was my first real music project, and I was on such a writing kick (I had lots of feelings to get out and this is my favorite way to cope :)),”

From the look of things, Melanie can’t seem to thank her high school friend enough for giving her a chance to express herself.

“I’ve been writing my own songs since I was in middle school, but never thought I’d do anything with them,” she wrote.

“I was used to keeping this kind of vulnerable art to myself all these years, but he gave me a safe space to share my talent, feelings, and hard work with the world. I’ve now fallen in love with someone I’m so lucky to call my best friend, and have also fallen in love with music all over again!

I have found my passion and drive in life, and will forever work hard to create more music to share with the world.

I hope listeners can hear, understand, and learn from the lessons within my songs on ‘Reborn’ – it starts with heartbreak and acceptance, but turns into growth, power, and pure happiness.

As always, I have music to thank for helping me through the toughest times, and for being there to make the good times that much better!” she concluded.

What we experience shapes our character. This much is clear in Melanie’s album, ‘Reborn’ that narrates her past.

You can follow Melanie Joy on their journey through their Socials.