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Gabriel’s Single ‘Zilch The Gatekeeper’ Explores Feelings Of An Outcast

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‘Zilch The Gatekeeper’ was officially released last year on October 6th 2021.

In the track, Gabriel describes ‘Zilch’ as an entity that guards the gate between a lonely life, and a life filled with social conformity and appreciation.

‘Zilch The Gatekeeper’ explores Gabriel’s dislike towards ‘Zilch’ for keeping him on the lonely side of the gate. He metaphorically refers to himself as a ‘ghost’, wallowing in my struggles in regard to escaping his everlasting social outcast state.

You can enjoy Zilch The Gatekeeper here:

Gabriel is a 19-year-old music student living in Brighton specialising in piano-based pop, rock and classical compositions.

“I started composing music when I was seventeen and I began as a guitar player, but later learned that I resonate more with the piano,” Gabriel explained.

“This song (‘Zilch The Gatekeeper’) was originally written on guitar, but I switched it to the piano and found a deeper resonation with the song’s grandiose, slightly jazzy feel,” he said.

I can relate to Gabriel’s track, ‘Zilch The Gatekeeper’. So much goes on in life that we sometimes feel like there’s something intentionally barring us from getting to the place we want to be. It takes a lot of effort at times to cross this barrier.

You can follow Gabriel on his journey through his Socials.