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Filàmont’s EP ‘Misandry’ Sticks To The Oppressive Side Of Men

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Filàmont’s EP ‘Misandry ‘ was officially released last year on November 19th, 2021.

‘Misandry’ marks Filamont’s first EP ever after her 2-year inactivity.

Containing a unique blend of different genres including Jazz, R&B/Alternative R&B, Neo-soul, Hip hop, Rap & Soul, the EP brings out a bold narration with heartfelt lyrics expressing discomfort from past experiences.

You can enjoy Misandry here:

Filàmont is a 24-year old independent, self-taught, rapper and songwriter from east London, UK.

“I am very unique compared to what is out today & my sound speaks for itself.

My sound is heavily influenced by mostly Jazz, R&B/Alternative R&B, Neo-soul, Hip hop, Rap & Soul, in which I have been able to create my own distinctive & unique sound, as well as persona & fashion style because of this.” Filàmont explained.

“This is my first ever Ep, after not releasing music for 2 years,” she concluded.

Embed with deep emotions, ‘Misandry’ is heavily tilted towards failed romance and oppression. At least that’s the feeling I get. With how the lyrics are brought out, I can almost feel like I’m within the story being told.

You can follow Filamont on her journey through her Socials.