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Dominique Simone Single ‘I Wanna Be’ Express Pursuit For Contentment

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Dominique Simone

I seek to find those complicated feelings and put them into words

Dominique Simone

Dominique Simone’s single ‘I Wanna Be’ was officially released earlier this year on January 11th, 2022.

Tying together numerous genres and musical ideas, from stripped-back soul to chaotic electronic cadences, Dominique intentionally evokes deep emotions for the soul.

‘I Wanna Be’ depicts Dominique’s psychological yearning, past heartache and pursuit for contentment.

You can enjoy I Wanna Be here:

Always writing about the Seasons of her life, in this current season, Dominique seeks to find her Purpose. Apart from that, her mission is simple: to make great music.

Following her first release of Serenity in June 2021, Dominique has been growing at a rapid pace.

She has secured support from the likes of BBC Radio Leeds and Leicester, Music News and Conversations About Her.

Creating music within the Alternative, Soul and R&B umbrella, her music is comparable to that of Jorja Smith, Olivia Dean, UMI and Mac DeMarco.

“I hope people will feel heard when they listen to my music.

I seek to find those complicated feelings and put them into words because it can be so hard to decipher what’s going on in your head. Always remember, you are not alone.” Dominique said.

I find Dominique’s drive quite relatable. The feeling that there’s something missing never goes away until you find that lost piece.

You can follow Dominique Simone on her journey through her Socials.