TC ‘s ‘SLIME CITY’ Upcoming Album Scheduled To Release Soon (Officially)

TC ‘s ‘SLIME CITY’ Upcoming Album Scheduled To Release Soon (Officially)

“Always motivated, determined and faithful and never want to give up. I just keep pushing forward. Always. This is one of my greatest release of all time. I know everybody will love it. It’s really different”


TC’s ‘SLIME CITY’ album will be released officially next month (04.02.2022).

You probably haven’t had a chance to listen to TC’s music. Trust me, as a HipHop fanatic you’ll definately fall in love with his songs. Spoiler alert! There a tint of emotions in TC’s music felt in his vocals. A sombre feel giving the impression of a past experience and a certain yearning. You can’t deny the fact that the beats and melodies in TC’s songs are unique in a way.

You can enjoy SLIME CITY here:

TC is always motivated, determined, loyal and unyielding. He considers ‘SLIME CITY’ as one of his greatest work unique to everything he’s ever done before.

Life is about putting a fight. By that, I mean making an effort to do something for the greater good. A single expression can change a person’s life. TC has the clock spinning. That’s the way.

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