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TC ‘s ‘SLIME CITY’ Upcoming Album Scheduled To Release Soon (Officially)

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“Always motivated, determined and faithful and never want to give up. I just keep pushing forward. Always. This is one of my greatest release of all time. I know everybody will love it. It’s really different”


TC’s ‘SLIME CITY’ album will be released officially next month (04.02.2022).

You probably haven’t had a chance to listen to TC’s music. Trust me, as a HipHop fanatic you’ll definately fall in love with his songs. Spoiler alert! There a tint of emotions in TC’s music felt in his vocals. A sombre feel giving the impression of a past experience and a certain yearning. You can’t deny the fact that the beats and melodies in TC’s songs are unique in a way.

You can enjoy SLIME CITY here:

TC is always motivated, determined, loyal and unyielding. He considers ‘SLIME CITY’ as one of his greatest work unique to everything he’s ever done before.

Life is about putting a fight. By that, I mean making an effort to do something for the greater good. A single expression can change a person’s life. TC has the clock spinning. That’s the way.

You can follow TC on their journey through their socials