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Shakky Allyene’s Album ‘Corner Stone’ Out For Months Now

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Shakky Allyene

“Calling the album ‘Cornerstone’ is based on Africa being my ancestors home. My roots. Our roots. There is no tunnel, You are the light. Believe in it yourself!”

Shakky Allyene

If you’re yet to listen to Shakky Allyene’s album ‘Corner Stone’, you’re missing out! It’s already been a couple of months since the official release last year (20-11-2021).

The music gives a feel that is comparable to the reknown classics of the 1990’s totalled with its rich sense of culture and diversity. The songs have the impression of a strong heritage or rather a legacy and the desire to keep it alive. Can’t forget to mention the alluring vocals with matching beats and melodies. You now have direct access to rich and fulfilling songs. What are you waiting for?

You can enjoy Corner Stone here:

Soulful, melodic, and eclectic are some words that come to mind when we hear the voice of Shakky Allyene. Her wide vocal range enables her to sing in an array of musical styles and, her catalog of songs are steeped in deep thoughtfully written lyrics to accompany perfectly blended musical accompaniment.

Shakky’ Journey

At a very young age, one of Shakky’s biggest influences was her grandmother who was always singing. Whether it was while the radio was playing some golden oldies or some 8-track tapes of Reggae and Soul music from Peter Tosh to Isaac Hayes, she never stopped singing. It was therefore no surprise that Shakky caught the “singing bug” and started singing as well. At the age of 16, her passion led her to join the Umoja Mass Choir (originally Ginuwine Faith) and by 18 she had gained the confidence to perform solo.

Shakky recalls one of her first solo performances being at Club Paradise, a popular Toronto Night Club. She also recalls that a great part of her confidence that night came as a result of being accompanied by her now husband, guitar playing producer Garnett “Bobby” Pottinger of Indie Rootz Records. Since then, music has taken Shakky to New York City in 2005 to work with Dj Walton and Fran Cathcart, in addition to a live performance on Telethon of Stars Live (2007). She has had the opportunity to open for acts such as Wyclef Jean (Montreal), Maxi Priest, Collie Buddz and Trilla U (Ottawa International Reggae Festival) at various festivals and events.

In 2007 Shakky recorded and released her first album titled “Come into My World”, which consisted of 14 tracks. After taking a sabbatical from music for several years, Shakky slowly regained her passion for engaging with the industry and over the past few years she has released several Reggae singles, which happens to be her favourite genre of music, on several Indie Rootz Records compilation albums. In addition, she has supplied countless background harmonies for other artists who have voiced for Indie Rootz Records as well as other independent labels.

In 2017 Shakky released her sophomore album, “Dance with Me” on the Indie Rootz Record label. It was distributed around the world by VPAL Music. Then in 2020, Shakky collaborated with Canada’s queen of consciousness, Donna Makeda to released the chart topping single, “We Shall Not Be Moved” on the “Running Riddim”. The single expressed outrage over the continuous senseless killing of Black people and other minorities by police in America and all over the world.

The global pandemic has left a sour note on the entire music industry. It has forced many artists to refocus their attention on new ways to deliver their music to the masses. Shakky intends to deliver her music the only way she knows how and that is with love and passion. She has written and recorded 9 new songs for her third album entitled “Corner Stone”. The first single, “Love Me” is intended to remind us all that love should be mystical and magical while the second single, “Big Words”, is intended to deliver a “big band sound” reminiscent of the 60s but made for a new generation. This album will definitely take listeners on a musical journey as it explores the musical genres that have stood the test of time.

The sole reason behind Shakky Allyene’s ‘Corner Stone’ is to hint into the past and how much it matters. At least that’s what I understand. What do you think? I believe it’s important to keep our heritage at heart all the time. It defines what we are.

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