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Sandra Hakky’s Single ‘To My Knees’ Officially Released

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Sandra Hakky

“My songwriting comes from somewhere special deep inside me. Somewhere with feelings that I wouldn’t know how to express if it weren’t for my lyrics and my music.”

Sandra Hakky

Sandra Hakky’s Single ‘To My Knees’ is a catchy and evocative pop track with stunning soul vocals.

The sound is reminiscent of Madonna’s Frozen with a large sound stage and a tight electro beat, and the track fits neatly alongside the sound of contemporary female pop artists like Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa.

Sandra Hakky uses the lyrics to reflect on her relationship with her conscience and running away with painful, taboo feelings.

The lyrics are multi-layered, with the literal on top and a subtle, metaphorical layer underneath, and the writing process was a therapeutic experience for Sandra.

You can enjoy To My Knees here:

Sandra Hakky is a singer-songwriter, producer and IT nerd, who made her debut at 19. She released her first self-titled album in 2009.

Despite having commercial success, Hakky took an extended break from the music industry. Her intent was to find herself, produce her second album herself and return as ‘Sandra Hakky 2.0’ with the deliciously soulful warm-up single, ‘Making Moves’.

Sandra’s follow up single, ‘To My Knees’, which marks her second single from her forthcoming album ‘Hakky The System’, was released last week on January 14th (2022).

The music is her friend, spiritual nourishment, and passion—and that’s been the case since she started getting into music and singing in her childhood bedroom at eight years old.

Her old bedroom has been swapped out for a flat. She has turned her living room into a 24/7 studio.

Sandra Hakky’s self-taught in music software, recording techniques, and equipment and can compose, record, and produce whenever she feels inspired.

She’s an artistic vision and is a true DIY artist who writes and co-produces her music with production input from Mintman.

She masterfully mixes her tracks and the visuals. She has also taken on the artwork, cover art, styling, and music video production herself.

Sandra spends time in her walk-in closet during her days off. Fashion is Sandra Hakky’s, other great love. That much is apparent in her music video for “Making Moves”. She showcases her wardrobe at her favourite locations in Copenhagen.

What’s there not to like in ‘To My Knees’? Being multi-talented sure comes in handy once passion is infused. I’m made to believe this is just the beginning. There’s much to expect.

You can follow Sandra Hakky on their journey through their Socials.