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Marco Volckens’ Classical Single ‘Dark Memories’ Just Released

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Marco Volckens

“This release is an inspiration from the book series “Warriors”written by: Erin Hunter. I thought of this as the theme for the villain in book 4 of the first series. The character’s name was Scourge.

One day I hope to have a career composing for video games and film (TV and movies).”

Marco Volckens

Marco Volckens’ classical single ‘Dark Memories’ was officially released two days ago on January 18th 2022.

‘Dark Memories’ is a chilling mysterious piece giving off a medieval age vibe. The expression of emotions is subtle, giving a feeling of anticipation. It inspires creativity.

Considering Volckens’ interest lies in movie scores and orchestration, has that movie feels to it.

You can enjoy Dark Memories here:

Marco Volckens is a 19-year-old classical music composer living in Colorado.

Volckens started studying piano as his main instrument at the age of 9. Later on, he developed a deep interest in movie scores and orchestration with film composers like Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg (JunkieXL), and James Newton Howard as his inspirational models.

During high school, Volckens got into digital musical production using software such as Ableton, Studio One, and Logic Pro; accelerating his growth in classical music composition.

Volckens is currently at Front Range Community College earning a certificate in Recording Arts.

Like I always say, the more mysterious classical pieces sound, the more it piques the listener’s interest. As the title ‘Dark Memories’ goes, there’s so much to piece together. We anticipate Volckens’ future releases.

You can follow Marco Volckens on their journey through their Socials.