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Kristian J Scheduled To Officially Release A Single ‘Good Shit (On My Counter)’

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Kristian J

A new single by Kristian J will be officially released next Friday (14.01.2022).

‘Good Shit (On My Counter)’ is a kind of nostalgic track with a hint of emotional vibe under the vocals. The expression of a distant past is depicted, showing appreciation and regret in between the lines. The lyrics are quite unique and rooted to an unforgetable moment. Same goes for the accompanying beat and melody equally soothing. You have the opporunity to listen to one of a kind brilliantly written song before everyone else.

You can enjoy Good Shit (On My Counter) here:

This song was written as a dreamy, somber ballad about trying to forget one’s past and escape regrets, perhaps through the help of some substances. At the time, Kristian J had just graduated from college and realized that for many years he was living a life that he didn’t really want and spending time with people who weren’t really his friends. There were moments where he wished he could just forget it all, and that’s what he’s trying to figure out in this song. The lyrics are fairly deep, but the song completely transformed when he gave it to his producer, who turned his dark ballad into an electronic dance track. The song was put through so many different iterations and versions, but this is the final version selected for the official release.

Once in a while we dream. Everyone does. We think of the past and reminisce. Putting the effort to share the emotions of our past, present and our dreams of the future has an impact on those around us as is Kristian J’s song is. A song that inspires change.

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