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Joy Xande’s Single ‘Just A Feeling’ Wrapped 2021 With Style

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Joy Xande

“It was a very “varsity” like sound because she could envision the jock of the major sports team and the popular cheerleader sipping hot cocoa in the ’60s over an enticing conversation about love or pop culture.

I am pleased to have a formal release of Just A Feeling, it’s been a long time coming.”

Joy Xande

Joy Xande officially released her new single ‘Just A Feeling’ last year wrapping 2021 (30.12.2021).

Upon connecting with producer Greg McGovern (as well as instrumentalists, Adam Connor & Steve Malison) Joy carried a jazzy tone reminiscent of the early 1960s.

While accompanied by a seductive saxophone over desirable soul organs, nubile percussion, and a voluptuous bass line, Joy Xande & The Business strikes with smooth adaptability, as a collective.

You can enjoy Just A Feeling here:

‘Just A Feeling’ was written in 2016. That December was the time that Joy was processing a lot of new emotions and adjusting. She was 19 years old in the cold Canadian winter, peering through my window when she became reminiscent of how she interacts like a mystifying feline.

The single ‘Just A Feeling’ was written shortly after “Jump” (Produced by AODAN) and right after the interlude “With You” (Produced by Greg McGovern.)

In a unique way, each song unintentionally connects chronologically because the interlude was created accidentally after meeting producer McGovern in passing.

Initially, while recording, McGovern thought Joy was singing “It’s just the feeling in me” when the track was sent back to her with a different title, “Just A Feeling 48KHz”.

Joy found this funny because she was referencing the stripes of a tiger and no matter how far away a tiger goes, its stripes remain the same. She just couldn’t change her true nature wherever she went. She just had to be her own self because she wasn’t looking to fit in.

“I am pleased to have a formal release of Just A Feeling, it’s been a long time coming.” She says.

It’s quite interesting how Joy Xande does things. Is it luck? I’m quite interested in seeing what comes next. You should too.

You can follow Joy Xande on their journey through their Socials.