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JAMO’s Debut Single ‘Late Night’ In The Spotlight

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“The single is the opening single for my EP. The EP is a very exciting project with energetic tracks filled with feel good vibes.

I loved working on it, it’s been so fun and entertaining.

It’s inspired by The 1975 with funky guitar riffs and smooth bass grooves.

It makes you want to dance and cry at the same time! And my name is Jamie so my stage name is JAMO, as in Jay-MO not JAM-O.

People get confused, they think I’m a huge Jam fan”


JAMO’s single ‘Late Night’ was released on June 11th last year (2021).

This is a delayed announcement coming after JAMO announced his latest track, Time Of Your Life (feat. Henboss), mentioning a few details on the song.

‘Late Night’ is the lead single for JAMO’s E.P. ‘Late Nights & City Lights’ released last year in July (2021).

The track is a guitar-driven Pop anthem, radiating feel good vibes while the moon is high. Led by catchy licks and rich synths, the track emphasises positivity and life.

You can enjoy Late Night here:

In the track, ‘Late Night’, JAMO describes his best moments and how all of life’s issues seem to fade away in the late night. The good vibes of the are always irressistable.

Sure enough, nothing beats the peace and quiet that comes after midnight. I find ‘Late Night’ quite relatable. It’s great knowing others feel something similar. Totally worth it.

You can follow JAMO on their journey through their Socials.