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Cosmo Blue Music Video ‘Wild Stallion’ Released

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Cosmo Blue

‘Cosmo Blue’ Music Video ‘Wild Stallion’ was released last week on January 14th (2022).

‘Wild Stallion’ is the first single from the Sydney band Cosmo Blue. If you are a fan of proto-punk music, reminiscent of 90s Red Hot Chili Peppers combined with the chorus of 80s rock music. This track might be for you.

You can enjoy Wild Stallion here:

Cosmo Blue is an amalgamation of alternative music, reminiscent of The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens Of the Stone Age. Add a pinch of Hamish’s groovy syncopated dance beats to Michael’s strange guitar chords and you have a concoction of unique sounds. Something you have never heard before.

‘Wild Stallion’ track is wild as its name goes. An amazing combination of energetic vocals, melodies and beats. Give it a chance and you’ll understand.

You can follow Cosmo Blue on their journey through their Socials.