Between Thorns’ EP ‘Left Behind’ You Might Have Missed

Between Thorns’ EP ‘Left Behind’ You Might Have Missed

Between Thorns band members are aged 16-18.

Between Thorns released their EP a few years ago midst the Covid-19 pandemic (01.07.2020). You might have missed it.

Between Thorns’ ‘Left Behind’ EP is exhilaratingly good. With a rock feel to it, the music takes you back to your teenage rowdy days. Being that the music is composed by teenagers makes it even more authentic.

You can enjoy Left Behind here:

Between Thorns is a five-piece indie punk band from Macclesfield. The band has not had much recent live experience due to Covid but built up a tidy online following. Over 600k streams and 18k monthly Spotify listeners.

Listening to the ‘Left Behind’ EP reminds me of things I might have missed a while back. The pressure from peers can be too much sometimes. There’s always a way out.

You can follow Between Thorns on their journey through their Socials.

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