Robin Huston-Miller Releases Single ‘Internet Cowboy ‘

Talented songwriter Robin Huston Miller has released her latest single ‘Internet Cowboy’. The uplifting track which has a cheerful melody driven by the soulful guitar that flows throughout the song is simple joyful to listen to. Along with the amazing sound of the track, the lyricism is also quirky and playful, whilst also remaining heartfelt and intelligent. The song describes the joy of finding the one you have been looking for when you need them most, something which we can all relate to. However, what makes this song so clever is how this situation is looked at through both a contemporary and nostalgic view point simultaneously. Robin compares the classic stereotype of a cowboy saving the damsel in distress and turns this concept on its head through taking this situation and looking at it through the modern online dating scene. Overall this clever concept makes for an amazing and catchy song that you wont be able to get out of your head for weeks to come.

You can enjoy Internet Cowboy here:

Listen to eMastered_Internet-Cowboy–m1–1-.mp3 by Robin Huston-Miller on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/robin-miller-83399737/emastered_internet-cowboy-m1-2?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=1&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Robin Huston Miller grew up full Country. She was always around horses, farm animals, good friends and in the Future Farmers of America. She was fortunate to have these things in her life outside of her family home, as the first 19 years of her life with her family were very abusive, leaving Robin with PTSD and depression.

Robin however, moved away and started her own family of three amazing successful daughters and two grandchildren with one grandchild on the way. Robin then was fortunate enough to work in our family business, On Call of America to pay for her daughter’s education, and spend more time with them. During this time, she started with photography and photography art, a love she still has today.

Two years ago, through Facebook, Robin met Ralph (Cowboy Jake) Comfort. Through there conversations she learned that Jake was a songwriter. Jake also learned about Robin’s PTSD and depression. Jake got Robin into song writing and after writing her first song, she found the missing piece of the preverbal puzzle she had been missing her whole life.  Through writing, Robin has found that her PTSD and depression has greatly improved. The first song she has written was Internet Cowboy with the music and vocals provided by Drew Middleton, Nashville Demo.

Robin Huston Miller is a promising talent that continues to astound us with every new song she releases. We cant wait to see what Robin has next for us as we are sure she wont disappoint.

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