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Nick Kizirnis and Katie Marks Team Up For New Video Release For “The Distance”

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‘The Distance’ was recorded with Mark Patterson, Kate Wakefield and guitarist Joe Tritschler. The Big Takeover called it “an atmospheric guitar pop prize with Americana shadings,” while Stereo Embers said it is “a quintessential American record”.

Nick Kizirnis and Katie Marks have teamed up for the new video for “The Distance” set for tomorrow, May 21st 2021.

Everyone is pretty much excited to see what the duo has in store. If you haven’t listened to ‘The Distance’ album then you probably and definitely should. At least you’ll get to figure out what to expect in the scheduled video drop. Everything has been laid out for you.

You can enjoy The Distance here:

Nick Kizirnis is an Americana singer, songwriter, and guitarist out of Dayton, Ohio.

He has partnered with artist and animator Katie Marks to release a new music video for his latest album, ‘The Distance’. The video is set to debut on The Fire Note today (May 20th 2021) and will be available for sharing everywhere starting May 2021.

‘The Distance’ is an “Americana Noir” album, mixing the reverb-drenched guitar textures I used with Tobin Sprout, The Mulchmen, and Cage with the sad, heartbroken styles of Roy Orbison and Gram Parsons.

Mark and Nick took advantage of some time they had while being creatively sidelined by the global pandemic to work together on the video. It took everything shutting down for them to step out of our own lanes and collaborate.

Announcements like this get my blood boiling with anticipation. Like everyone else, I look forward to the video release. The hype got me. I bet it’s the same for you.

You can follow Nick Kizirnis on their journey through their Socials.