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MacArthur Releases New Single ‘Quarantine Text Wars’

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Rock band MacArthur have released their latest single ‘Quarantine Text Wars’. Taking influence from the classic rock bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s, the hypnotic rock melody MacArthur have created that flows throughout the song makes for a unique listening experience. The lyricism, which touches upon the surrealism of quarantine, is also incredibly playful in nature which fits nicely with the quirky rhythm that the song has to it. Lockdown has been a struggle for all of us this past year, but songs like this help us to see the lighter side of this situation and to celebrate the good that has also come over the last twelve months. We cant stop listening to this amazing track and we know you will love it too!

You can enjoy Quarantine Text Wars here:

Melodic rock band MacArthur features the song writing and music of Arthur Winer. Formerly in New York, MacArthur gained a reputation as a melodic, power pop quartet featuring original, lyrically sophisticated song writing and Neil Young-like guitar solos from Winer.

Now in Los Angeles, MacArthur is back with a new band. 2014’s THE FALL GUY album featured New York/Los Angeles transition-era tunes like the title track that explores how the official story often doesn’t jibe with reality. Also check out the power pop new classics “Everybody Loves You,” “Save Yourselves!” (about the end of the world by stupidity), “Summer Jobs” (an homage to the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t it Be Nice,”) and the moody “Weightless.” THE FALL GUY also features a classic tango reimagined as rock anthem, “Kiss of Fire” and a heavier rocking cover of Neil Young’s “Out On the Weekend.”

MacArthur is releasing new singles! “The Minor Key” featuring Kylie Mayhew talks about the difference between propaganda (major key) and reality (minor key—get it?) The recently-dropped “Pick Up Flip” featuring Sophie Rae is about missing your baby while at a crappy job during a global pandemic.

April 16, 2021 MacArthur released its new single “Quarantine Text Wars” featuring Gala Rae. A couple go on a Zoom date and text nonsense back and forth to each other. But is it nonsense or the unveiling of the secrets of the universe? Unlock the mystery of the Eye in the Pyramid…

MacArthur continuously astound us with there unique musical abilities and we cant wait to see what is next for this talented band in the future.

You can follow MacArthur on their journey through their socials.