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Amadeus MOZZA Releases New Single ‘Your Best Follower’

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Eccentric electro pop artist Amadeus MOZZA has released his latest single ‘Your Best Follower’. Amadeus is known for his often cynical tongue in cheek lyricism and this sing is no exception. The track describes the nature of being head over heels in love with someone but with a unique twist. Amadeus takes this simple idea and turns it on its head by instead comparing himself to a ‘follower’ or stalker of the love interest in question here. This unique lyricism is what makes Amadeus MOZZA’s music so captivating, as he takes basic concepts and elevates them by letting us see them from a different perspective. The melody and overall sound of the track is also innately Amadeus as he plays around with electro pop and synth to create an at time erratic but always enjoyable rhythm to this music. If you are looking for something that sounds completely different to what you usually listen to, Amadeus MOZZA is your man. As he will ultimately expand not only your music taste but also the way in which you view the world around you too.

You can enjoy Amadeus MOZZA’s music here:

For several years in the marketing department of an Irish factory, Anthony designed slogans and promotional packshots to appeal to Sunday shopping center customers. Spending Sunday shopping is indeed a common family pastime there, and to say that you’re doing well often boils down to replying: “I earn money, I spend it.”

Returning to live in France and nourished by his collaborations with Irish and English artists, the musician/graphic designer cut his teeth in garage rock, indie folk and hip-hop groups. The consumerism observed in the land of 100 shades of green remains omnipresent around him and infiltrates his creations and his texts.

At the end of 2016, he chose to exercise this obsession with electro sounds and dancefloor pop. He then becomes Amadeus MOZZA, a self-deprecating mercantile pop alter ego. This allows him to exteriorize and deflect the contradictory discourses with which we are all imbued. His colourful introspections and his cynicism about consumerism are carried by heady pop melodies, sharp choruses, and rapped passages. Its EDM, afro or urban rhythms affirm the incisive and dancing character of a synthetic universe tinged with chiptune.

From 2017, Amadeus MOZZA performs live with 2 musicians and a V-jay (video projections) and tests his repertoire on western France stages. 2021, he sets up a live solo, with a sharp and banging electro feel.

Amadeus MOZZA’s latest track is fantastic! We cant wait to see what this amazing talent has next for us and we are sure he will not disappoint.

You can follow Amadeus MOZZA on their journey through their socials.