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xskarma Releases New Single ‘Changing’

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Alternative Hip Hop and Indie band xskarma have released there latest single ‘Changing’. The sound of the track is very unique, as it takes inspiration from the ‘trip hop’ style of music that is know for defying all conventions of musical composition. The lyricism is also very powerful as the main message here focuses on the serious and very real threat of climate change to our planet, something which needs to be discussed more. Despite the track being great in its own right, there is another important reason why this single is so poignant. All of the proceeds from this song will go to the ‘Plant Trees for Chimpanzees’ organisation in Uganda, which helps to restore nature biodiversity in the area. The aim for the band is to help plant three million trees to help mend the relationship between forests and their animals. We think what xskarma are doing is amazing and we hope you will all listen to this track to help do your bit for this commendable effort.

You can enjoy Changing here:

This new release ‘Changing’ hopes to highlight the impact of Climate Change and the path to Mass Extinction for much of our planet’s wildlife.

The brainchild of Bristol-based producer/drummer/songwriter xskarma, ‘Changing’ was inspired by the amazing speech by Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Summit in 2019. Greta’s powerful warning was “We Will Never Forgive You”.

xskarma explains: “Our children are going to hold this generation accountable for any failure to act now to avert the climate crisis. Greta Thunberg and her FridaysForFuture organisation are the most powerful voices on our planet today for Climate Action! And I hope that this song provides a little moral support to Greta and all the FridaysForFuture campaigners. They are our future!”

This may seem like a pretty heavy subject for a pop song, but there’s ultimately a positive call to action. Every stream of the song will directly help to fund the planting of more trees in Uganda, something positive we can all do whilst helping to raise further awareness of the terrifying impact of climate change. The tree planting program is managed by https://onetreeplanted.org/

‘Changing’ is a trip hop inspired indie pop song with driving bass line and soaring silky female vocals, mixed with a sample of Greta Thunberg’s excoriating speech at the UN. xskarma’s influences include Portishead, Massive Attack, Zero7 and other classic 90’s trip hop bands; having played drums and recorded and produced a number of bands in Bristol and the south west, xskarma released a first single ‘Your Eyes’ in February 2020 and the follow up album, ‘Glory In Numbers’, in November 2020.

With ‘Changing’ the band aim to help raise awareness of the climate crisis and show that there are simple things we can all do to make a difference.

We love this powerful song and the powerful meaning behind it. What xskarma have reminded us here is that music can not only bring the listener joy but that it can be used as a resource to help establish and create change in the World. We love this track and we know you will too.

You can follow xskarma on their journey through their socials.