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Voonic2 Release New EP ‘D.T.U.’

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Eccentric Rock band Voonic2 have released their latest EP ‘D.T.U.’ The entire EP has such a unique style and sound to it, that is reminiscent of the old video game soundtracks of the 80s and early 90s. This distinctive sound allows the EP to have a strong sense of nostalgia for the listener, as you are transported back in time to the classic video games of the past. The guitar and drums however, allow for a contagious beat, which helps to make this nostalgic sound feel very modern and contemporary at the same time. What is so compelling about this EP is how unique it is, it is unlike any other band you will have heard and it is this quirky approach to music which gives Voonic2 such a fantastic advantage in today’s market. If you are looking to expand your musical horizons, look no further as Voonic2 pull out all the stops here!

You can enjoy D.T.U. here:


Influenced by the old Nintendo Entertainment System games soundtracks, Voonic2 has been merging sweet 8-bit sounds with modern rock beats for several years. All the songs that have been created, tell a little part of the story of Voonic, the hero of the Voonic2 universe.

The project was born in 2010 when Atariman started composing the first songs but it was only in 2019 when the band took form when he joined forces with aRtPG.

Voonic2 are so unapologetically themselves and it is such a refreshing thing to witness. We cant wait to see what comes next from this revolutionary band.

You can follow Voonic2 on their journey through their socials.