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Urban Rodeo Releases Single ‘A Bit of Country’

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Country rock band Urban Rodeo have released their new single ‘A Bit of Country’. The feel good song celebrates the freedom of country music and the country lifestyle and how carefree this genre can be for us all when we let go and just enjoy the moment. The classic country rock rhythm that flows throughout the track also helps to add to this feeling of joy and optimism, which is a sound that this band creates so well. We know you will love this uplifting track just as much as we do and it will certainly have you up on your feet that we know for a fact.

You can enjoy A Bit of Country here:

Urban Rodeo is a country/rock band established in Ottawa Ontario. The band formed in 2016 with a simple idea to cover everyone’s favourite country songs. They are now ready to share with you their own original tracks debuting with “A Bit of Country” which is is available on online stores and streaming services.

We cant get enough of the positive sound that Urban Rodeo have created within their music. We all need a break from reality at times and this band have made the perfect song for us to escape into when we need it most.

You can follow Urban Rodeo on their journey through their socials.