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The Lottery Winners Release New EP ‘Start Again’

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After the success of their self-titled debut album which came out last year, Indie pop band The Lottery Winners have released their latest EP ‘Start Again’.

The EP includes previous singles such as the uplifting ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ and the heartfelt ‘An Open Letter To Creatives’ which listeners of the band have come to know and love.

There are several new tracks on the EP as well though such as ‘Lockdown Lover’ alongside several other unheard songs, all of which are bound to be well received by fans and new audiences alike.

You can listen to The Lottery Winner’s New EP ‘Start Again’ here:

The running theme that flows throughout all of the tracks on the EP is the idea of radiating joy and optimism in the face of adversity. A message that is incredibly important to remember as we tackle the challenges of modern life.   

On Friday, the band took to Twitter on release day thanking fans for their support of the new project and how grateful they were that their single ‘Lockdown Lover’ had been added to the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify:

The Lottery Winners should definitely be proud of what they have achieved, not only with their new EP but also across their entire career in music so far. What is certain is that this band is a fantastic example of how remaining positive and true to yourself will lead us all to our own happiness and success.

The EP itself also highlights again the talent of this incredible band and definitely affirms their place within the Indie Pop arena today. The infectious sound and the joyful message that exudes throughout this work, certainly makes for a listening experience you won’t want to miss!