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Soul Band Heyouki Release Mixtape ‘Hey, you k?’

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Soul and contemporary jazz band Heyouki have released their mixtape ‘Hey you k?’ and we cant get enough of it! The sound that permeates throughout the mixtape is one that is groovy and relaxed, and would be the perfect soundtrack to any lazy summers day in the sun. The lyricism that accompanies this laid back, yet professional sound, is also very intelligent. Heyouki address important topics such as mental health with a quite confidence and determination, unafraid to discuss subjects that can often be hard to discuss. We know once you hear this mixtape, you will be playing it on repeat again and again for months to come.

You can enjoy Hey, you k? here:


A Neo-Soul/Contemporary Jazz 7-piece, purveying sultry grooves and improvised camaraderie, Heyouki collaborates as a larger collective amalgamated by friends from the Bristol Jazz and Hip-Hop jam scene.

Sonically, Heyouki experiments with simple yet deep-in-feel Hip Hop rhythms, culminated with complex time signatures, rudiments and layered with thick Jazz harmony.

Influenced by the sounds of D’angelo, Erykah Badu, J Dilla and alike, their ethos and lyrical subject matter is a nod in the direction to the culture that inspired their sound. Their voices are a catalyst, raising issues in inequality, while striving to break the stigma centred around mental health in conversation.

Their remotely recorded debut Mixtape EP “Hey, You k?” Was spun on Ujima Radio, Bath Radio and BBC Radio Bristol with the featuring single “Lucid – feat t l k & Ramelle Williams” presented as their track of the week.

As a newly found member of Bristol’s Fruit Machine collective and label, Heyouki has a bright future ahead.

Heyouki represent a new approach to music that is both relaxed, but also extremely present and connected to the issues and conversations that are happening in society today. We know this band has an incredible future ahead of them and we cant wait to see what is next for them.

You can follow Heyouki on their journey through their socials.