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Serel Releases Heartfelt Single ‘My Inner Psycho’

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Talented pop singer Serel has released her latest single ‘My Inner Single’. The heartfelt track delves into a very personal aspect of Serel’s life as she describes the difficulties of being your own worst enemy, something which most of us can relate to on some level. The incredibly intimate lyricism that Serel brings to this track reaffirms her talent for captivating the listener through her storytelling. By sharing her own personal experiences with us, Serel continues to develop a strong bond and connection between herself and her listener ship that we can’t get enough of. This track is sure to be a big hit and we know its one you will have on repeat again and again.

You can enjoy My Inner Psycho here:

London based artist with a Turkish heritage, Serel has been forced by life to delve deep into the hidden corners of her mind.

“My Inner Psycho” is a raw journey through her survival coping mechanisms and fabricated perceptions.

Serel digs up the voices of self-sabotage and artificial behaviour inhabiting anyone’s subconscious.

Her dramatic sound and intense lyrics break the silence induced by our fears.

Serel believes that “Art is a realm where you can experience a variety of emotions without causing trouble in real life. Through music, you can misbehave without hurting anybody, including yourself”.

“My Inner Psycho”was recorded in London, produced by Adam Rust, written by Serel and Jimmy Kent.

Serel possess a raw and authentic nature in her music and it is incredibly endearing for the listener. We know that Serel is sure to have great success with this latest single and throughout her music career and we can’t wait to follow her on her amazing journey.

You can follow Serel on their journey through their socials.