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Rosario Drago Releases New Single ‘The World Needs Love’

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International recording artist Rosario Drago has released his latest feel good track ‘The World Needs Love’. The uplifting and inspirational track see’s Rosario explore the universal message of spreading love across the world, a message which is incredibly important especially during the pandemic. This infectiously joyful song will instantly put a smile on your face and have you up dancing in no time! The poignant message within the song isn’t the only amazing thing about this song however, the track also has fantastic production value and the rhythm and beat is super catchy. We know you will love this track just as much as we do and we cant wait for you to hear it.

You can enjoy The World Needs Love here:

‘Our World Needs Love’ is the latest single from New York based international recording artist Rosario Drago. The inspiration of the song comes from a humanitarian desire to bring the world together, delivering a message of peace, love, and solidarity in a current spread of a pandemic that is affecting humanity across the globe.

‘Our World Needs Love’ portrays inspiring lyrics, in line with motivational songs like “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, which provide a quick pick me up to motivate audiences to accomplish someone’s goals. Through his music, Rosario hopes to spread a feeling of hope and positivity of a brighter future for us and our children.

Rosario explains: “It has been a great part of my life as far back as I can remember to help and donate to others in need. I have always been the type of person that will go out of their way to help someone and never ask for anything in return, along with working hard every day to provide for my family and friends. To this day my goal is to spread inspiration across the globe, so the next person can benefit from it.

Originally this project was composed from solidarity based on humanitarian inspiration. As the project progressed our team decided to work with and extend donations of future profits to the Childhood Cancer Society (CCS). A Non-Profit company founded on the vision of a 16-year-old high school student who realized that having family around him while he was being evaluated for childhood leukaemia created the support that he needed to cope.

There is nothing more powerful than the miracles that result from the love of family, and it is the mission of CCS to see to it that children diagnosed with cancer can experience the benefits that come from this vital support system.

We hope that the collaboration and hard work of our entire team including the tireless efforts of all the inspiring artists including Tony D, Inez L, Damian Anthony, Ciro Acampora, Tommy Noodles, Deanna Carroll, Vinnie Medugno, Maria Venuto Bulone, Daniela Martino and music producer Lou Gimenezand, along with others that participated to make this project a reality, will bring a glimpse of love, positivity and unity that has been recently forgotten in the last year across the globe.

We consider this a Feel-Good Movement hoping to inspire other Internationally renowned artists that would consider joining us in a collaboration for a future remix of this song to continue spreading the word and donating to other Charities.

People have asked me why are you doing all this? Is it for fame…? My answer has always been the same: I am blessed with passion to create music that brings joy to people, but the best gift of all is my wife, my son, my family, and my friends. ‘If I can give something back, I’ll do it’, that is just who I am.”

Rosario Drago is a rising artist in the American dance scene. His passion for bringing people together through music translates into captivating feel-good songs that give fans a source of good-natured fun. Rosario gained massive success after his last single ‘El Bombonazo’ ranked #120 on the independent digital radio charts worldwide.

Signed to Iron Wings Productions in the US, Rosario manages to incorporate a variety of flavours into his songs such as Italian, Neapolitan, American, and Latin. Among his favourite artists and influences he includes Ed Sheeran, Luis Fonzi, Pitbull, and Enrique Iglesias

Rosario Drago has proved that music isn’t just about creating something to dance to but that music can also help to capture important messages to the listener in a powerful way. We love what Rosario is doing and cant wait to see what he does next.

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