Pihka Is My Name Release New Album ‘Everything Is In Between’

Pihka Is My Name Release New Album ‘Everything Is In Between’

Electronic Indie band Pihka Is My Name have released their debut album ‘Everything Is In Between’. The techno sound that flows throughout this album not only creates a great sound for the listener but also establishes some sort of alternate universe for us to escape into every time we listen to this collection of fantastic songs. This alternate reality feeds into the premise of the band which sees a animated figure called ‘Pihka’ at the forefront of the band, this fun and interesting twist, reminiscent of the Gorillaz elevates the music medium to the advancements of the modern age. We know you are going to love this futuristic and quirky album just as much as we do, so what are you waiting for start listening now and enter the alternate realm which this amazing band has created for us.

You can enjoy Everything Is In Between here:


Pihka Is My Name is a Helsinki-based group who combine epic electronic music and thought-provoking animation. The project is fronted by an animated character, an abandoned imaginary friend called Pihka. She wakes up in a snow-covered forest and sets off on an adventure on her own. She sees this planet’s people and their problems, the most pressing of which is the climate emergency.

The music is produced by us, Lasse Turunen and Henna Helasvuo, and we have also produced a lot for other artists and TV networks. The debut single of Pihka Is My Name ‘Binaries’ came out in March 2020, with an epic video by Jussi Turunen. The sophomore video ‘+-‘ was animated by Elli Maanpää, but since then we have been self-animating our videos.

We have been releasing music together before, as Pihka ja myrsky, a Finnish-languaged pop group. But after 3 albums we gravitated towards a sound-design based approach instead of guitars and drums. We’re using a modular synthesizer and a prepared piano a lot, in addition to drum machines and vintage synths. We try to stay away from the computer as long as possible, but we do arrange and mix in the box.

Pihka Is My Name have been working on their debut album ‘Everything Is In Between’ since 2017, recording around 30 songs. In the beginning of the project they were working on single pieces more thoroughly, but since they started their Monday Jam sessions on YouTube, their writing process has become more lively. It’s important that there is a performance aspect to the music, even though it’s electronic music. Pihka Is My Name  feel that the album is a great combination of both worlds.

When performing this album live, the band have these long improvisational moments, that lead into readymade songs. It has been a highly enjoyable approach for them, even though they have as of yet only performed in front of cameras with this project.  Pihka Is My Name can’t wait for this situation to lift so that they can do proper concerts and feed off the energy of a live audience!

Although only their debut album, this band are already off to a strong start in establishing their place within the electronic indie pop arena and we cant wait to see what comes next for them in the next stages of their evolution.

You can follow Pihka Is My Name on their journey through their socials.

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