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Kevin Welch/Reconbrea Releases Rock Single ‘I Feel Unstoppable Tonight!’

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Rock singer and songwriter Kevin Welch/Reconbrea releases his latest track ‘I feel Unstoppable Tonight’. The song has a classic rock feel to it, with the guitar and drums taking centre stage throughout the track that create a sound reminiscent of the 80s rock scene. The uplifting lyricism within the song is also commendable as Kevin reinforces the positive message that we are all special in our own way and that we all mean something to someone. The combination of the rock rhythm and the joyous lyrics make for a song that you’ll want to listen to again and again.

You can enjoy I Feel Unstoppable Tonight! here:


Kevin Welch is a solo artist, who enjoys nothing more than expressing himself through his music. Everything you hear is the work of Kevin. Kevin feels blessed to have been given the gift of being able to share his music with the world. He also hopes that you enjoy listening to his songs just as much as he loves performing them!

What is certain from listening to this latest release from Kevin is that this is only the beginning of what we can expect from this formidable talent this year. We can’t wait to follow him as he continues to grow and grow.

You can follow Kevin welch / Reconbrea on their journey through their socials.