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Joy Xande Releases New EP ‘183’

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Pop talent Joy Xande releases her amazing new EP ‘183’. The new EP which has six brand new songs on it all of which are fantastic in their own right, is truly a testament to Joy Xande and her undeniable aptitude for musical lyricism and composition. All six tracks have a mellow rhythm to them that is both great to dance to but also amazing to just sit back and enjoy on a lazy summers day. The lyricism is also incredibly personal, raw and heartfelt, something which we have come to expect from Joy, as it is something she does so well. We absolutely love this EP and its effortlessly cool vibe and we know you will too!

You can enjoy 183 here:

Bareface Records is elated to announce the first release of the new EP from Joy Xande, EP 183, which will be is available on all streaming platforms.

Don’t wait, reach for the opportunity to listen to EP 183! Now streaming: ​https://bit.ly/2LKrueo
Website: ​https://www.joyxande.com/

We know this latest EP is only the beginning of what Joy has to bring to the pop scene and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next.

You can follow Joy Xande on their journey through their socials.