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Dirty Sole’s Lively Album ‘Future Looks Good’ Has Kept Us Dancing

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It has been 20 years since an indie electronic group Dirty Sole has been formed. Dirty Sole’s most recent ten-track album, ‘Future Looks Good’, is filled with groovy energy and good vibes that will urge you to get up and dance to the soundwaves. Dirty Sole gets inspired by disco, contemporary pop and EDM to deliver various themes and emotions and connect with their audience on a more intimate level. There is no doubt that Dirty Sole knows what they want to achieve and for whom they create music. Ultimately, ‘Future Looks Good’ is what you need to get through your day in these times!

You can enjoy Future Looks Good here:

Dirty Sole is firing on all cylinders with their newest full-length effort, the “Future Looks Good” LP.

Dirty Sole has crafted an album of exquisite modern indie-pop with their Future Looks Good LP, combining classic filtered grooves, electric disco-funk, and memorable vocal performances. These modern mid-tempo grooves are best illustrated through the high-end hooks of “Lift Me Up”, the French Touch of “Let It Ride”, the early-00s Neptunes pop sound of the title track, “Future Looks Good”, and the 80s electronic funk of “Breathless”.

But this album isn’t just a straight forward dance music EP, as they go even deeper into chart-topping territory with the theatrical duet of “Animal Instinct (Gotta Be Me)”, the sultry modern Sara Bareilles-styled ballad of “Elevated”, and the remarkably hip electrifying swing of “Feelin’ This”.

This long-play is a masterful ten-track journey into the perfected contemporary pop sound of this ever-evolving magnetic production ensemble and their cast of superstars. Exciting indie-pop is the Sound du Jour with Dirty Sole, whose future certainly looks good but sounds better.

The variety of tracks ranging from slow-paced to upbeat has caught our attention, and we can only recommend ‘Future Looks Good’ to you. Whether you feel down or want to get your blood pumping, Dirty Sole’s new album covers that. We are excited to hear more of Dirty Sole’s music and for now, enjoy the ‘Future Looks Good’.

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