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Corrina Taylor Releases New Single ‘Blue Card’

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Talented pop singer and songwriter Corrina Taylor has released her latest single ‘Blue Card’. The lighthearted and upbeat track uses playful lyricism to highlight the pitfalls of Corrina’s own escalating online shopping addiction during lockdown, something which we can all unfortunately relate too! The song takes a tongue and cheek approach to do this and it makes for a lively and playful feeling throughout the track. The melody which is carried through by the pretty guitar and piano also helps to add to this overall mood of joy and optimism, despite the topic being the opposite of this. We love this fun spirited single and we know you will too.

You can enjoy Blue Card here:

Singer/ songwriter/ eternal optimist/ hopeful romantic –  are all the things rising pop star Corrina Taylor embodies and more. Her songs vary from the light-hearted and playful, to the emotional and deep; as she freely admits, “I write pop songs that are jigsaw puzzles of my own life and emotions”. Her lyrics are always honest and real in the hope that people will be able to relate and better understand their own hearts. Her latest single is the honest but good humoured “Blue Card” – a song about becoming a ‘mainstream addict’- in this case, a shopaholic to mask the anxieties in life. The single is out now and has been championed by BBC Introducing in Humberside.

Corrina has lived all over the UK: Leicester, Loughborough, Hull, London, Brighton – picking up valuable life experience and musical inspiration along the way. She is currently living temporarily in Italy but, as soon as she can, she will be heading back to her hometown of Cambridge. In the meantime, she continues writing songs and lyrics and dreaming of performing live shows after lockdown. Her inspirations include other bold female songwriters and performers such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Julia Michael’s and, although they have greatly influenced her work, Corrina is not someone who emulates or copies others- she is an emerging artist that is unique and refreshing in her honesty and talent.

The Inspiration for “Blue Card”, surprisingly, came from Russell Brand! During the first UK lockdown Corrina was studying a Masters degree in song-writing and decided to write a collection of songs focussed on addiction. She read Russell Brand’s book ‘Recovery’ which speaks to the ‘everyday addict’ and she realised, with some shock, that she herself had become a ‘mainstream addict’- a shopaholic. She would spend wildly on things she could never use in lockdown receiving a new package EVERY DAY and losing track of what she was buying. She says: “I was buying clothes that I wouldn’t be able to wear till the summer, or for the trip to Australia I hadn’t, and couldn’t, book.”

Luckily, writing about this situation has been both magically creative and a kind of therapy for Corrina, as well as being helpful and informative to her fans. She says, “Writing this song was literally MAGIC….this song felt like it came to me, rather than me trying to find it. When I came up with the pre chorus lines ‘Everyone feels sorry the economy is crashing but not me, I’ll save it single-handedly, there’s no need to worry…”I KNEW I had written a song that everyone needed to hear.” The video reflects the influence of that first lockdown, having been filmed (and edited!) by Corrina herself on her iPhone in her family house, along with the spoils of her online shopping sprees.

The response to the track and the accompanying video has been incredible: with over 40 thousand streams via Facebook alone! The light heartedness of the song allows people to identify with it and admit ‘me too’ and therefore feel less alone with their anxiety. “I knew people would be able to relate to the song and I knew the video was really cool, but I didn’t expect the response it got.”

This uplifting track by Corrina Taylor is simply amazing and highlights her unique approach towards pop music. We can’t wait to see what comes next for Corrina Taylor as we follow her on her musical journey.

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