Borer Treetops Release New Album ‘Loud Silence’

Borer Treetops Release New Album ‘Loud Silence’

Electronic pop band Borer Treetops have released there new album ‘Loud Silence’. The mellow sound that flows throughout the album is fantastic and incredibly reminiscent of the new wave movement of the 80s, as well as psychedelic rock from the 60s. The heartfelt and poignant lyricism on the album is also really great, discussing all things love Borer Treetops don’t shy away from from heartbreak here. This album is a must listen for those who are fans of Tame Impala or Mac Demarco with the synth sound and existential lyricism taking centre stage across this album. We know you will love this album just as much as we do!

You can enjoy Loud Silence here:

Independent project from Cambridge, UK. Strongly influenced by modern psychedelic rock and electronic sounds.

We know from the amazing sound of this album that this band has a bright and successful future ahead of them and we can’t wait to follow them on their journey.

You can follow Borer Treetops on their journey through their socials.

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