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Annemarie Picerno Releases New Music Video ‘COLOR BLIND’

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Annemarie Picerno has released the music video for her latest single ‘Color Blind’. The lyricism within this song is definitely takes centre stage as the star of the show here as the heavily imbedded metaphors dicuss the complex nature of the human condition. By comparing colours to that of emotion and being, Annemarie has achieved a very intelligent analogy here that helps to take the listener on an intriguing and mysterious adventure. The music video itself also feeds into this idea of mystery and ambiguity that the lyrics develop so well. Wearing a black mask on one half of her face, Annemarie again reinforces the idea of human emotion and skin deep beauty, both of which are incredibly important topics within modern society that need to be addressed. In a song plagued in metaphors one things is certain and that is that you are going to love this very clever song.

You can enjoy COLOR BLIND here:

Annemarie Picerno uses her powerful voice to plea a timely topic. Whether it is discrimination, hate, racism, bullying, or greed, she offers the possibility that people return to their own hearts and minds and see what their own true colors are . A stunning video with a visual mix of characters : A Vigilante, A Sorceress, A Good Witch, An Empress, and a Warrior all appear in the music video played by Annemarie to the masterful music arranged by Bob McGilpin a three time Billboard charting artist and producer. The music and the video, along with Annemarie’s performance will give a new perspective to loving and true acceptance.

The lyrics in “Color Blind” use love, kindness, hate, and greed as metaphors to describe “human colors” as one’s outwards appearance does not reflect their value or being in this massive world. The lyrics emphasize the adage of not judging a book by its cover, and to dig deep and examine people’s hearts and minds instead. They also encourage us to love, make change through kindness, and accept diversity in our society.

Annemarie Picerno is a Grammy member, Americana Music Association member, and Indie Collaborative artist with popular releases on Bongo Boy Records. She has performed in theatre bands in every musical genre, comedy shows, film, radio and television. Her diverse musical sounds mix country, pop, blues, soul, and rock. She writes all her lyrics and music from pathos and humoor, with stories of her life, loves, and musical journey.

She has topped indie radio charts with her powerful voice and harmonies along with winning awards for The Josie Music Awards, Red Carpet Awards in Holland by Fairplay Country Music, The Gran Royale Music Awards and LDM Radio Awards. Based in Nashville, she is known for her element of surprise and soulful energetic performances.

We cannot wait to see what Annemarie has in store for us next and if its anything ike her latest release ‘Color Blind’ we definitely wont be disappointed.

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