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Zakhar Astounds Us With Single ‘Phases Freestyle’

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Young Hip Hop recording artist Zakhar (previously known as Z1NO) astounds us with his single ‘Phases Freestyle. The talented 16 year old takes us on a journey with this track, describing the many different obstacles he has overcome during the different phases of his life, as well as celebrating his amazing achievements along the way too. The combination of raw and unapologetic lyricism that Zakhar brings to the freestyle, along with the mellow beat that flows throughout the song that helps to maintain a composed and controlled setting, makes for an impressive piece of artistic expression from this young talent. We love this emotionally charged track and we know you will too.

You can enjoy Phases Freestyle here:

Zach “Zakhar” Bull is a sixteen (16) year old talented, aspiring, versatile recording artist (Hip Hop/Rap), born and raised in North London, England, United Kingdom.

At the age of fourteen (14), Zakhar started his music career gradually building a small fanbase on his Instagram, releasing freestyles regularly on Social Media and YouTube.

Growing up listening to UK Rap and Hip Hop, inspired Zakhar to create his own music, building confidence within himself encouraged by close friends and family. Through his lyrics Zakhar speak with powerful meaning and understanding that will contribute towards change in his world.

The North London rapper shares his thoughts, hopes and understanding, arguably advanced for any young mind to have attained, as he continues his journey through life’s phases, with his new freestyle single release titled ‘Phases Freestyle’, released 11/09/2020 under Tiptopforlife® Music Recordings (Tiptopforlife® Music Group’s label arm).

Zakhar’s mind stimulating lyrical and easy motioned flow on this ‘Phases Freestyle’ alongside his ability to deliver melodic performances as a singer, is due to showcase and cement his distinctiveness in times to come.

The official video for ‘Phases Freestyle’ SINGLE by Zakhar is available to view on his YouTube channel.

We know this is only the beginning of an amazing career for Zakhar who proves that vulnerability and openness helps to create an unbreakable bound between an artist and their listeners.

You can follow Zakhar on their journey through their socials.