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Vākay Releases Stunning New Single ‘Playing Alone’

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Vākay has released her stunning new single ‘Playing Alone’ and we can’t stop playing it on repeat. The mellow beat that is present throughout the track helps to create almost a nostalgic sound in the song that can resonate with us all. Not to mention the intimacy of the lyricism which also creates a connection between Vākay and her listeners.

You can enjoy Playing Alone here:


Vākay is a free spirit, a different breed who has a true message that the world is steadily trying to silence. Vākay was never like others and that’s okay. It’s okay not to be okay. We are all human and Vākay wants everyone to know being human is normal.

Vākay wants to build a bond with her listeners and she has certainly achieved this on her latest track ‘Playing Alone’. Her personal lyrical style breaks down the barrier between her and the listener, making for a unique musical experience. We know this is one song you arent going to want to miss out on.

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