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Tricia Fitz, blows us away with her upcoming Album ‘Epic Penguin Sharks’

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Tricia Fitz exciting us with her hard-hitting vocals. She drives with passion and speaks out her feelings inspiring people to be influencers to themselves and not by others. The distortion in the guitar and drums demands that strong and let loose emotion to its listeners. This is not to be missed!

Combine Musical Theatre, Pop Punk, Rock and a wild imagination and you get Tricia Fitz. Tricia is a proudly independent Brazilian-Canadian artist who takes on a fully DIY approach. This allows her to freely explore her versatility and take audiences through an epic range of emotions. Tricia is known for her soul-piercing vocals, theatrical performances, and fully embraces her campy and cheesy style. Her upcoming album “Epic Penguin Sharks” is about taking control of your identity and allowing yourself to break free from social conformities. The album satirizes people living in modern society, and Tricia is not afraid to poke fun at herself for being one of those people.

Born in Brazil and living in Canada, Tricia has been working in the music industry since 2008 as a vocal coach, artist mentor, music publisher, and performer. After years of questioning her musical persona and identity, she looked to her Influences Freddie Mercury, Devin Townsend, and Andrew W.K, and decided to be the expressive and energetic female lead you see and hear today. Tricia transcends genres and questions normality. She is on a mission to have your energy gauge refilled and ready to face the world!

Have a listen to this for your taste buds.

After listening to Tricia Fitz we are amazed by the pure talent and turmoil of emotions from uncomfortable to empowering it is not hard to become hooked to the free feeling that comes with her fantastic music! ‘Welcome to the System’ of a new and exciting musical journey.

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