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The GM116 Release Uplifting Album ‘Ear Worms’

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The GM116 release their latest album ‘Ear Worms’ and we can’t get enough. The uplifting lyricism and mellow sound radiates positivity and hope throughout the entire album. The message of the songs is simple, good music and the importance of love and it is this very message that makes the album as a whole incredibly charming.

We grew up in West Fife Scotland, Dusty from Rosyth and Matt from Saline. We met through music playing around Dunfermline. lately we found each other again and started writing. So here we are, a tale of two Scottish songwriters inspired by love and music. We hope you find that in our songs as we do, and take from them the passion we feel in creating them. THE GM116.

We know this album marks the beginning of an wonderful journey for this Scottish band in 2021. At a time when we most need positivity, The GM116 are providing the soundtrack of hope we desperately need right now.

Listen to Ear Worms:


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