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Second Cities exhilarates us with their new EP ‘Out With The Old’

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Second Cities releases an EP that will surely electrify its listeners. Bringing intense and high energy. Their lyrics take us on a journey expressing the obstacles that life brings through such passion. From intense drumming to mind-blowing riffs it is nothing but impressive.

Who are Second Cities?

We represent the underdogs, the bullied kids in school.

We represent those who feel derelict and disturbed.

We believe in equality and diversity, love has no gender, colour or creed and

Racism has no place in our society.

We care about the shit that you’ve been through, cause we’ve been through it too.

If you have ever felt bittersweet, vengeful or rebellious, we stand with you.

Formed in 2017, the band continue to create their specific Unique Sound that crosses Emo inspired,🖤Heart On Sleeve🖤 lyrics with INTENSE, HIGH-ENERGY Metal riffs.

We have gigged a lot pre-covid and have built up a good reputation on the local Birmingham scene, working with touring artists such as Hundreth, Chaotic Resemblance and Recall The Remains.
Playing 2 times at the mental health awareness festival – MentalFest, and coming second in a 3 stage battle of the bands event ‘Metal To The Masses!’

Artists We Also Like from our Local area:

Recall The Remains, La Moxie, FACE UP, Secrets of Mariana.

Influences + Referenced to:

Linkin Park, Sum 41, ADTR, BMTH, HUNDREDTH, My Chemical Romance.
Instagram @secondcitiesofficial Facebook: @SecondCities Twitter: @secondcitiesUK

Listen to Out With The Old:

To ‘Say Goodbye’ is certainly something you won’t want to do if you listen to this EP.

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