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Rod Washington Blows us away with his new Album ‘The California Project’

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Washington’s new album is exceptional! Exploring a mix of styles reaching out and engaging with all types of music lovers. The vocals vary from warm and comforting too powerful and bold. Taking us on an emotional rollercoaster. The added track in Spanish just makes this album even more delightful transporting us to another part of the world. The vocal range on some of the tracks is spectacular. From Impressive and uplifting drum beats to romantic whirlwind piano it is one to listen to!

He has a self-published book on AMAZON titled “Lyric Line Thinking Out Loud Is Anyone Listening?” by Rodney L. Washington consisting of 214 original song lyrics, in which approximately 45 to 50 have been recorded. His biography is pretty told in the fore mentioned Music Social Media Website that was created from a Go Daddy template.

Listen to The California Project:

After listening to this album we can surely agree that Washington is among one of the best artist of our time with exceptional musical capability, we are excited to see where this artist goes and watch their journey. The creativity of Washington has certainly paid off with this spectacular album.

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