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Rest in Peace to Sophie: A Generational Talent

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In the early hours of Saturday morning the inspirational artist Sophie passed away. The news from the Transgressive label of the sudden death of the Scottish producer shocked the world of music and art to the core.

One of the single most exciting and innovative artists in recent years, Sophie defied convention and created art that has had an incalculable influence on both pop music and more avant-garde genres. Sophie worked with such artists as Madonna, Charli XCX, Arca and Vince Staples, attracting fans from across the globe with her unique artistic expression and raw talent.

Sophie’s ability to find such a strong identity and voice through her music inspired countless others to gain confidence and believe in themselves. At the age of 34 Sophie has left behind a monumental legacy and has given a voice to artists that may otherwise have been left on the fringes. Through combining pop music with experimental electronic production, Sophie merged worlds and created her own space to create and thrive.

Having pioneered new sounds for years in the underground and avant-garde scenes of Europe, Sophie eventually received wider acclaim from the music industry with her Grammy-nominated first and only album, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. Sophie was an icon within the transgender community and will undoubtably go on to provide inspiration and confidence to future artists, after inspiring a whole generation of fans with her uncompromisingly beautiful music.

This incredibly sad news has left friends and fans of Sophie feeling lost. The abrupt end of her life feels like it cannot be true. For someone so talented and so beloved to have blossomed into such a wonderful artist and then be taken by a tragic accident feels cruel. Celebrating the life of Sophie, as well as learning from her and being more accepting and sure of ourselves seems to be all that we can do now. We may never see an artist such as Sophie again and were blessed to be here to experience her music. Rest in peace Sophie, you will be forever missed.