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Résilience fascinates us with their new Album ‘Aliénation’

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Résilience captivates us with their extraordinary album. Amazing its listeners with their vocal capability. From the rough and eery sound of the male vocals to a clean and soulful voice of the female vocalist. We cannot help but be drawn into this world that has been so skilfully created. The drums and bass add to the mysterious and unique sense of uneasy which draws in and intrigues anyone who listens.

From Paris’s suburb, from Grunge, New Wave, Résilience (Ex Incandescent Musique) create a musical introspection towards differents regions of self spirit, where sadness, love coexist, are embraced as part of a whole.
In 2018 came the first two Ep, Incandescent and Résilience, with lyrics about love as a tool in hardships.
Aliénation go further in the introspection and explore darker places

Listen to Aliénation:

After listening to this album we sure are feeling some kind of ‘Aliénation’ from the worries and stresses of the world we live in. This album is so unique and exciting both musically and emotionally. Why not have a listen and find out?

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